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PostDecember 3rd, 2012, 9:15 pm Re: Altering a HL lens
You can't be serious! Some of the alignment tabs are hollow and if you shave them off you will leave a hole in the lens. Removing them is damaging the lens, not restoring it. When someone works on my vehicle I expect them to do what is best for me, not easiest for them, and if they cut the alignment...
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PostJanuary 1st, 2013, 10:30 am Happy New Year
Happy New Year everyone! 2012 was a tough year for many and 2013 will bring many new challenges for small businesses with all changes in the tax system among other things, however we've been through tough times before and I remain that 2013 can be a year of positive change if we get our priorities i...
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PostMarch 25th, 2017, 10:50 pm Thanks
Somewhere around 7 years ago, I went to Eugene, OR, and got trained to use Delta Kits equipment. At the time, I was worried about my employment due to political differences with my boss. I was worried I wouldn't have a job tomorrow and windshield repair offered me an avenue to pursue that would allo...
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PostFebruary 1st, 2018, 6:52 am Re: Need advice on a chip repair
Is this a test ? This should be a pretty standard repair. Little to no drilling required depending on your equipment. The short cracks will fill from the impact point, no reason to drill them. I see a little rainbow in the bullseye area, it will need a good dry-out just like all repairs do. Make sur...
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PostFebruary 13th, 2013, 4:51 am Re: Pit Polish
My story may be a little off track here but may help. A few years ago I crushed one of my fingernails, the nail turned blood red and the throbbing pain was excruciating. I went to my local accident unit, the nurse took one look, got a paper clip, straightened it out, heated it up until it glowed red...
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