Glass Mechanix Good or Not?

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Postby Anonymous » January 30th, 2003, 4:45 pm

Looking over the number of windsheild repair suppliers and business ops. Has anyone have any comments on the Glass Mechanix systems.
Any input would be helpful
Thank you


Glass Mechanix Good or Not?

Postby Anonymous » January 30th, 2003, 11:00 pm

Hi Cactus. You may want to see the [url=""]'looking to get started'[/url] topic from last week.

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Re: Glass Mechanix Good or Not?

Postby Anonymous » January 31st, 2003, 7:53 am


As waysandmeans, mentioned check out the getting started post. My reply will give you some things to think about other than someones opinion including mine. When you ask for opinions you get a very erratic range of results.

I think as professionals we would not or should not bad mouth another company on the forums becuase we all understand we ultimately made the choice.

For every 10 good reviews you might have 2 bad in one group. In the next group it could be the opposite. How many times have gone to a movie or ate at somewhere that someone said was good and you did not like it?

Choose wisely and welcome to the WSR industry.

Pay it foward,




Re: Glass Mechanix Good or Not?

Postby Anonymous » July 22nd, 2003, 5:15 pm

Well, after looking at what the other guys have pointed you to. (Which is good info)

If I may put my two cents in.

Check out Delta kits injectors and bridges, ask them about their auto suction cup with the white push button that sucks the air out, I'm to nervous it will escape air and loose the hold. They do have flip lever that may work better? Also ask about the pro's & cons about the cold and heat working with the steal injector.
One would think you would get a bias answer, but surprisingly, their very straight forward. I would probably lean toward them (delta kits ) Just make sure you maintain your equipment well.

Poly- lite is another (less maintance on equipment I been shying away from their metal injector. (eventually the coating will come off)

If your looking for a good drill that has excellent control
Go to Liquid resins intl. Their main unit is not user friendly at all.

UV lights are a tough one. When in doubt I would lean toward delta kits, but certain individual items (like the drill) are better to buy seperate. Of course double check delta catalog. They may have one just like it. well let me check...... nope, doesn't look like it.

Good luck


getting started

Postby Anonymous » July 22nd, 2003, 8:58 pm


The awnser is no, they should not be your first choice, stick to Delta, Windshield Doctor, Poly, and many others who offer good reliable equipment.

is also a no-no.

Removed company specifics per company's request

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Re: Glass Mechanix Good or Not?

Postby Anonymous » July 23rd, 2003, 12:56 am

Firstly I use Delta's car windshield repair kit and probably chose them for the candy (hint to Jeff, send more candy

However, A golf analogy that might apply here concerning choice of equipment....

I am, by no means, a good golfer. Upgrading from a set of inexpensive clubs to the "best money could buy," did nothing to improve my game (although I at least "look" impressive

However, a good professional golfer, with even the cheapest set of "off the shelf" clubs, would more than likely have the knowledge and experience to use those clubs to his/her best advantage and play a round that comes close to his/her normal score.

Now, give that pro a great set of clubs designed specifically for him/her and I would bet that you could see a marked improvement.

So, I guess the convoluded morale to this epistle is that if one takes the time to really learn all there is to learn about the repair system they purchase and one continually practices his/her repairs, the result for one's customers should be the best quality repair that could have been made.

So, I would suggest that you choose a system from a reputable company that provides plenty of support for their product and start repairing those windshields!

Once the cash flow is there, you can always blow a couple hundred bucks on a different company's bridge/injector/resins and do your own comparisons.


An analogy .....

Postby Anonymous » August 1st, 2003, 5:04 pm

I personally use a couple different types of bridges some work better for different types of breaks than others. takes time to figure out whats best for what. I've tried a bunch becareful cheap is not always best..
Any questions feel free to e-mail me at

Goodluck and Happy Repairing


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