Attention Colorado WSR People!

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Attention Colorado WSR People!

Postby Anonymous » November 23rd, 2002, 3:37 am

If anyone is looking for a business letter template, check out the following site for a large assortment of high quality letters -just copy and paste them into your word processor and modify to suit your needs.



Mike Burstein
Dominion Windshield Repair


Free Business Letter Templates

Postby Guest » July 25th, 2003, 4:25 am

Just wanted to bump this for the new people. This site is an excellent resource for business letter templates, free letter templates that is...And thanks for ChipDoctor for posting it.


Re: Free Business Letter Templates

Postby Anonymous » August 1st, 2003, 5:13 pm

Great link


Re: Free Business Letter Templates

Postby barclay » January 14th, 2009, 3:11 am

I have a job offer and i want to resign my present job but i do not have any knowledge on how to write resignation letter. It is nice to have these great resignation letter samples. I am sure that these samples will help me to leave with a lasting positive impression.

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