Thank you Delta Kits

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Thank you Delta Kits

Post by Broken12 » September 30th, 2017, 7:22 pm

Just wanted to say thank you Delta Kits for the awesome windshield kit and the videos you provide. Also for this forum that has provided some great info that has helped me out tremendously.

I’ve been in this type of business for a few years mostly doing interior and exterior trim repairs. I decided to start doing Headlights awhile ago and ordered a headlight restoration kit from my interior supplier and it happened to be a Delta Kits.

A year ago a I started to work with a windshield repair guy that was looking to retire and wanted to sell his business. Things didn’t work out with the guy but I wanted to find a windshield kit to continue learning. I looked around online but wasn’t ready to drop the money on an expensive kit. I found a deal on an almost new Glass Technology Spectrum kit so I bought it. I thought the idea of vaccum was neat but after a few repairs with it I realized it didn’t make a difference. I did a dozen or so repairs with it but was never really comfortable with it. There’s 5 different O rings that could leak losing air pressure. The injector was so tall and there’s so much air volume in the cylinder I couldn’t tell if I was using to much pressure or not. The aluminum bridge doesn’t flex so I think there’s a chance of over tightening the adjustment screws and putting to much pressure on the windshield. I learned from a guy with 30 years experience but was still using the same bridge system with plastic injectors and was taught to dill every repair. Frustrated with the Spectrum I built my own bridge and used the plastic screw style injector and felt more comfortable doing the repairs but still having to drill. After reading some of your post here I learned I didn’t need to drill so I tried a few without drilling and had some success.

Now one of my larger accounts came to me and wants me to start doing windshields for them so I new it was time to step up my game. I chose to order out the Delta Kits and boy am I glad I did. First off the quality is excellent. The spring loaded injector is so easy to use. 1 end seal makes life so much easier. It’s small and compact compared to the GT setup. 1 all weather resin compared to 3 different ones from GT. Your resin is by far the best. Ive used the GT low and med viscosity, liquid resin red cap and some from my interior supplier (not sure if they make it or relabeled) and the clarity of Delta Kits is perfect. Oh by the way. I’ve used the kit now for 6 days and have done 30 or so repairs and all have turned out spot on. And I only had to drill 1 repair to get it to fill.

Thanks again Delta Kits for making the best stuff to do the best job.

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Re: Thank you Delta Kits

Post by Brent Deines » October 2nd, 2017, 3:59 pm

Thanks you for taking time to make such a kind post on the windshield repair forum. Not much action in the water cooler these days so I overlooked it until now. I'm glad you are happy with Delta Kits products and certainly appreciate your business. We'll do our best to continue earning your trust and loyalty.

Thanks again!

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