Please Read Before Posting!

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Please Read Before Posting!

Post by Delta Kits » February 10th, 2005, 1:31 pm

The classified section of this forum is being provided as an additional service to our users. The following are the rules and guidelines associated with this section of the site specifically.

We, the staff of or Delta Kits, Inc. are in no way responsible for the business conducted in this section. We are simply providing a forum for the discussion of the sales and purchasing of various products. We cannot vouch for the authenticity of the items sold, and there are no warranties expressed or implied by or Delta Kits, Inc.

We will remove immediately any posts regarding the sale or discussion of illegal or offensive materials. What is considered illegal or offensive is the SOLE discretion of admins.

To cut down on people who register on this board with the sole intention of posting their products, we have implemented a waiting period and post count. In other words, only active members (10 post minimum) of this board will be able to post products for sale. Consider it a thank you to members who spend their time trying to help new people. In addition, it has the added benefit that, since the posters have been on this board a while, the products on here will be more likely to be legitimate.

This section will be used strictly for business discussions. Please post here only the initial description of the product that you are selling/searching for and possibly an asking/looking price. Conduct all other business (negotiation of prices and terms, etc.) via private message or some other private communication.

This is user to user selling only, not business to user. If you are a manufacturer, creator, or distributor of materials, please request permission from a admin PRIOR to posting.

We reserve the right to remove any post from this section without notice or explanation.

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