Questions- insurance, website, pit filler and more

Post your windshield repair tips, questions, advice! Note there is a sub-forum specifically for business development questions.
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Questions- insurance, website, pit filler and more

Post by HoustonGuy » June 8th, 2020, 7:23 am

I sent All these questions to Korey and have read through the entire Forum over the last year. But I wanted to get other opinions. At this point I have repaired well over 100 and picked up a commercial account. There are still some questions that I was wondering about now that I have more experience and want to move to a higher volume of repairs.

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to touch base with you to see how I can move forward a little bit in my business.
I had a couple questions. I did post them on the forum and read through some of the posts.

Accepting insurance- use lynx, sgc or just bill each insurance company myself.

1. Setting up a tent and using insurance.

2. Trading in the Texas area. I would like to attend a training session if you guys are coming to the south.

3. Using old resin. Is it still good. A guy gave me some old resin. One was a bottle made of glass. And several packets that had individual applications in it. The guy was from Denmark so I don’t know if this was from there or the U.S.

4. I picked up a commercial account for rvs and looking to build more accounts.

5. Do you have any leads for the Houston area commercial accounts.

6. Can you rank the marketing strategies that seem to work best. Yelp, google maps, website, Facebook, email
Marketing, google AdWords, posting on Facebook groups, YouTube etc...

7. I must be doing something wrong on breaks with multiple legs because to get them all to fill I usually use a lot of pressure which causes flowering. I worked on one for over an hour yesterday and 2 legs would not fill at all after 3 pressure vacuum cycles. I pushed from the inside the outside and could not get the resin to flow. I did not try heat. I was using magnibond. I ended up drilling the pit and both legs.

8. I can’t seem to get the pit resin to be clear after scrapping and polishing. I put the pit resin on the pit, the curing tab and light. When I take off the curing tab the pit is clear, then I scrape it with the new razor blade and the surface becomes cloudy. I then polish it and it stays cloudy. The funny thing is it was crystal clear before I scraped it with the razor blade.

9. Do you know of any web companies that sell a pre-made windshield repair template? I am good with Wordpress so I can make my own page if a template is not available.

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Re: Questions- insurance, website, pit filler and more

Post by RCRNR » July 13th, 2020, 8:09 am

I prefer using a cork with pit polish seems to clear it up better. I would suggest a mall location if you are setting up a tent. I have only been open on my own for less than two years so I don't advertise yet accept the free google my business and yahoo. I don't ever use too much pressure makes it harder for the legs to fill, I cut down on pressure and I only flex from the outside. Some bigger breaks like 50cent piece size and above in my experience require much longer cycles I had a bigger than 50 cent piece one yesterday it look 3 pressure cycles at 5 min and one at 10 min but slowing down made it all but disappear but I did drill the impact point some. Anyway good luck and hopefully this helped you out a little.

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