6.5 months down amazing customers

Post your windshield repair tips, questions, advice! Note there is a sub-forum specifically for business development questions.
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6.5 months down amazing customers

Post by RCRNR » March 12th, 2019, 9:03 pm

I have been in customer service sales all my life and one would be hard pressed to find more grateful customers than the ones in WSR. Granted I take Insurance but even with the cash paying customers, we save them a ton of money. I truly enjoy every day and the gratitude I get from every customer. To me this is the coolest business I have ever worked at or owned. Everyone receives a huge benefit the customer saves there deductible usually 500 on average Insurance companies save millions per year and I get paid darn good and enjoy doing repairs. So far with well over 5000 repairs I have not seen one fail. Plus it is a truly GREEN business we are saving the environment from windshields in landfills as well as the impact of making a new windshield. It is an honest and fun way to make a darn good living to bad I didn't start this 15 years ago.

Dave M
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Re: 6.5 months down amazing customers

Post by Dave M » March 16th, 2019, 4:17 pm

Would you explain how you manage 5000 repairs in 6.5 months. If you are working 6 days a week, that's 32 repairs per day!?

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