Guerilla Marketing Your Repair Business

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Guerilla Marketing Your Repair Business

Post by mrchips » April 1st, 2009, 7:21 pm

5 Key Areas and Point of the Wedge - Marketing Windshield Repairs For Daily Profits!

You love your business but are tired of looking for business or you are wondering why it is not building faster? Windshield repair services are in great demand when you need it! That is the great thing about it, no matter how good a salesperson you are, you never have to sell anyone. They either need a repair or they do not. When they do need it, you will make a lot of money showing up to do the repair.
Use the Following 5 Secrets and NEVER be Rejected Again:

1. Make sure you set a goal every day
2. Systemize your work and your day
3. Always reward yourself, especially daily and hourly
4. Use the Area approach (ULTRA BIG SECRET REVEALED)
5. Adjust your attitude to reflect your new approach


Make sure you set a goal every day. Goals are funny things. It has been my experience (at that of many others) that having clear objectives for the day, greatly enhance the likely hood of accomplishment. For argument sake (and for the sake of making this article make more sense), lets assume you have set a monetary goal of making $300.00 for the day.

Write it down! Write it down! Write it down!

I write down my goal the night before, that way I can sleep on it, knowing that when I wake up I have a purpose. The alternative is waking up with a stupor of thought and wasted time, trying to figure out what you are going to do.

Do not discount this step. It will help you in ways that you cannot imagine! Having a goal will make all the difference in your daily attitude, energy and ability. It will help you stay focused and as you develop the willingness to use your goals daily, you will develop an attitude that will add integrity to your accomplishments that will aid you as you work.

You will see yourself in the mind frame of HAVING TO REACH YOUR GOAL --NO MATTER WHAT! Use it, IT IS VERY POWERFUL! (and it really is as simple as I just mentioned).


Systemize your work and your day. Now most anyone can purchase a windshield repair system and learn to do quality repairs. But few have discovered the exact techniques to consistently make it work for them and how to have a constant flow of customers.

The secret to doing a lot of repairs is knowing where and how to contact people. Mostly it is a function of letting them know you there and able to do the repair. Problem is most people wake up thinking about how to find someone who needs windshield repair.

You Gotta Love McDonald's Hamburgers!

I think everyone knows how to make a better hamburger than McDonald's, but their real genius is in how they how developed systems to operate their operation. Begin thinking about systems you can implement in your windshield repair business. Make every part of your business a system. For example:

* Get up the same time every day (your schedule)
* Plan your activities for the same time every day. (your activities)
* Set up the same time and method to do your billing weekly (your administrative tasks)
* Same with your ordering supplies, etc. (your office stuff)
* Have a certain area planned for each day to do marketing. (your marketing)

You get the idea, systems will help you stay focused and you will be able to concentrate on the real business of business. Now you have the concept, pay particular attention to number 4, as one way to solidify a facet of your business marketing strategies.


Always reward yourself, especially daily and hourly. Once you have set your goals for the day (number one above) and are starting to think about how to systemize your business (number two above), lets talk about rewards. Having a reward for your goal achievements is important because even though we might have all the ways to set goals figured out, we need reasons to do things.

In reference to the example of having a goal of $300 a day, let us talk about how to set it up so you can see results, feel good about your progress and be motivated to reach your goal every day. Having a goal is important and setting up a system (there is that word again) will help you in ways you will understand after applying it.

Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly Rewards

So let us break it down and say that you will have mini rewards for every $100 level you reach in the day and a bigger reward for reaching $300 and even bigger rewards for reaching your goal every day for a week, month, etc.

After reaching the first hundred of the day, take a little 10 minute break and treat yourself to a drink or candy bar. This may seem simple and trivial but it is not. It is important psychologically. It is important to FEEL the rewards and know you are progressing. This step is so important, do not discount it.

When you reach your daily goal you may treat yourself off with something that is important to you, it might be a movie, a stop at the local bookstore or even a special dinner. After a successful week of reaching your daily goals, think of something special to reward yourself with on the weekend. See how much fun this will add to your life? Not only fun, but it will help you achieve your goals.

NUMBER FOUR (This ONE IDEA has made me tens of thousands of dollars)

Use the Area approach. Now that you have the fundamentals down from the first 3 items above, now here is where you will learn the actual technique to apply to your goals and daily activities.

Get a small flyer, nothing expensive, one that is the size of half a piece of paper (8.5X11). Have it show some small pictures (or drawings, like on mine) of what several different rock chips look like, i.e. a star break, a bullseye, a bullseye with star cracks, etc..

The flyer should have your contact info on it, and even a little description on how most insurance companies will waive the customers deductible and pay for the repair. You know the basics. I have mine printed in 2-color. Nothing real fancy. Have them printed on normal paper, you are going to give a lot of these away.

Killer Method of Getting to the Right People

Here we go: Choose the professional business parks around your town and starting early in the morning. Walk in and approach the receptionist.

Here is what you should say and do, (Exactly):

I was in the area fixing a few rock chips in a car windshield (Hand them a flyer) and was wondering if you would give this to anyone you know who might have one of these (as they are looking at it, point to the little drawings of sample rock chips on your flyer) on their windshield.

Say, thank you and turn and walk out. (watch them for their level of interest. It will tell you if they might have one or will confirm that they do not, so you can move on)


You will find that if there is no interest, there is probably no damage on their windshield and they do not need you (at least not today).

BUT if they hesitate or ask questions, and more often than not, they will call you back and say, Hey wait a minute, come back (IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO APPEAR TO WALK AWAY. IT IMPLIES, NO PRESSURE, AND PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE TO BE PRESSURED OR SOLD).

IT IS A GIVEN: I should not have to say that you should go in dressed nicely with some sort of logo on your shirt or hat that shows you are serious and you are a professional.

Using this technique will give you a leg up and make it possible to set your goals and reach them! You will never feel rejected and you will make a lot of money with this.

When I say business parks I mean, professional business buildings like doctors offices, dentists, lawyers, etc. I even have one of the state government buildings on my route!

NOTE: You will often see a sign on the front door of many businesses that says, no soliciting IGNORE IT. That is right, ignore it.


Let me say this (very important): You must have sort of a humble attitude about it and act like you are doing a favor by just leaving a small flyer in the case they might know someone else who might need your services. (This is important because it takes the pressure off of them being approached with a sales pitch directly). Remember, you are only there to drop off a flyer (that is what you want them to perceive and believe).



After you do this for a while, you will develop a route you go on and visit the same buildings every month or so. Some of the receptionists will recognize you the second time and remember you were there to help them last time with NO PRESSURE and if they used you to fix their rock chip, in most cases: IT COST THEM NOTHING AND SAVED THEM THE HASSLE OF CALLING SOMEONE, SETTING UP AN APPOINTMENT, TAKING HALF A DAY OFF AND ALL THAT!


Adjust your attitude to reflect your new approach. Your attitude will determine your altitude! This business is no different. You will win and succeed in direct proportion to how you think about things. You will learn what Dr. Denis Waitley said in his book, entitled The Seeds of Greatness, when he said:

We seldom get what we want in life, but we always get what we expect.

I had the chance to meet Dr. Waitley several years ago and we discussed this great phenomenon. What a great guy. If you get a chance to read his stuff, do it, he is a real pro.

This is a professional business and you need to treat it as such. Even though the barrier to entry is relatively small, the opportunity is enormous if you apply yourself, set goals, and expect great things.

I set my wristwatch up to beep every 15 minutes to remind me to stay focused on my goal (I have a wondering mind, I call it genius, but most would call it, ADD ha!).

Your Integrity Will Strengthen With Your Resolve! (and you will make more money)

I zero in on achieving my goal and have developed the attitude that I will let nothing get in the way of my goal!, NOTHING! If my car breaks down, I call a tow truck . I do not spend all day taking it to the mechanic etc. I will not let anything get in my way of reaching my goal.


Use the five areas I talked about and remember that the in doing so, you are among the few who recognize that developing a system for every facet of your business is the secret to more success in whatever you do.

The WEDGE portion of this whole approach is to REALIZE that the windshield repair business is one of the only businesses I know of that:

1. The end customer actually wants and needs the business. There is no selling required (no rejection either. I hate rejection).

2. In most cases the customer does not pay for the repair. Insurance companies are glad to pay!

3. It usually takes 5 to 10 minutes to perform the actual service.

4. The actual cost of goods for each repair is less than a dollar! And you get to charge from $35 to $50 dollars! How many businesses do you know with that kind of return?

5. It saves customers (and insurance companies) millions of dollars annually in replacement costs, which is why they love it. If most rock chips are not fixed they end up splitting the whole windshield which ends up needing replacement, which is a lot more expensive than a repair!

6. Little or no risk involved (if your repair ever fails (unlikely) simply refund the repair cost! I have never had to return money!

7. You can run this business out of your home with little or no overhead!

8. You can make a serious professional income with this little niche business.

No More Waiting For Business to Come to You!

You see a lot of repair technicians setting up tents at the local grocery store parking lots and waiting for cars to come to them. The problem is waiting. Why not set up a system of soft marketing to include in your business that will make it easier for a person to have the repair done, without hassle and without having to take a lot of time to do it.

Wake up every day, start work at 9 or 930AM and work till 3-5 PM and come home with over $300 in work done. My best day was $740 by 2PM (and I was even training someone that day)!



Good luck in your business. Use these 5 little secrets and point of the wedge and watch your windshield repair business take off!

Hope you got a few good ideas!

Happy Chippin!

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Re: Guerilla Marketing Your Repair Business

Post by heezybeezy » April 7th, 2009, 7:45 pm

Thank you both for the pointers!!! You have inspired me to get out and go get em!

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Re: Guerilla Marketing Your Repair Business

Post by mrchips » April 8th, 2009, 10:25 am

Thanks Blind Squirrel........for mentioning my earlier post! Your ideas were great too! I resigned up for this forum (as MrChips) and thought my earlier post had been deleated........anyway, thanks!

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Re: Guerilla Marketing Your Repair Business

Post by mrchips » April 8th, 2009, 10:43 am

Some of you have emailed me asking for a copy of the simple flyer i use as mentioned in the original post.

Here is a link to a pdf copy of it.

http://www.windshield-repair-business.c ... lyer1.html

It's pretty simple.........and very effective.

Good Luck!

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Re: Guerilla Marketing Your Repair Business

Post by AGSS » April 13th, 2009, 5:08 am

Wow, reading the above post reminded me of the old 'Coitster' days.

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Re: Guerilla Marketing Your Repair Business

Post by ChipMaster52 » October 19th, 2010, 6:58 am

Yes, I know this is an older post. I am slowly going through all the older post to gleam all the useful information I can find. I have a while to get through them as I am only on about page 28.
My question is do you have a current link for this flyer? I get a error message when I click on the link. I would like to see a copy of it.
Also if anyone else has flyers that they wouldn't mind sharing I am sure the other newer techs could use the help.
I can only check everything at night because in the day time I am out for to build my business. But, this week until Wednesday I have some time at home because my wife is having medical test done to see if they can find out when is wrong besides the PICK'S Disease.
mrchips wrote:Some of you have emailed me asking for a copy of the simple flyer i use as mentioned in the original post.

Here is a link to a pdf copy of it.

http://www.windshield-repair-business.c ... lyer1.html

It's pretty simple.........and very effective.

Good Luck!

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Re: Guerilla Marketing Your Repair Business

Post by shepardh1 » October 19th, 2010, 8:03 am

Yes, thanks for the motivation ... I look forward to seeing your flier! :)

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Making GREEN folks happy

Post by shepardh1 » October 19th, 2010, 8:05 am

This is a handout I leave with folks that seem to be religious environmentalists...

By Having a Windshield Repair Done by
Windshield Repair of JH …
Rather than having a NEW windshield installed:
You have saved lots of green stuff!
1. You saved approximately $250 to $500!
2. You have saved approximately 40 pounds of glass and laminate from going to a landfill!
3. You have saved the natural resources that would have been needed to make a new windshield.

:D Way to go!

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Re: Guerilla Marketing Your Repair Business

Post by rockchip » October 24th, 2010, 9:43 am

I set a very aggressive goal for the entire month. I then break it down into weeks so its manageable. Now for some reality. Most plans go right to hell. Most often an account will get very busy and take up most of my time and thats a good thing. Try to stay on track and make your efforts count . At the end of your day you should feel good .

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Re: Guerilla Marketing Your Repair Business

Post by Successteamnva » January 13th, 2019, 4:09 pm

Greetings, I now this is a old post, but could you please send me a copy of the flyer you use? The link no longer works.
Thanks, Mike

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