Got ran off the property!!!

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Got ran off the property!!!

Post by ujslost » September 29th, 2016, 5:51 am

Yesterday I sat up my canopy in front of a local Tattoo shop. WHy? Well because its located on a 4 lane hwy with easy access to that parking lot. I know the tattoo shop owner and he said no problem. About 1pm the property owner shows up and says if Im not contributing to him I have to leave. So I remain calm and ask what would he charge. He says "$20 per day" and shows me that he owns a few hundred feet of the property there. And points out a spot where he says I can set up and have a little more room than what I was dealing with. I pack up my stuff and leave for the day. I hadnt gotten one inquiry all day. I think $20 per day is pretty high, and considering I had zero customers the first day, I think I will offer him $10 if I decide to try that area again.

Ive had decent luck setting up in a vacant property next to a quick lube. Quick lube owner owns the vacant lot and Ive know him for about 10 years personally. He is letting me set up free of charge. If I continue to do well there I figured after a month I might offer him some $$. Headed back there today.

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Re: Got ran off the property!!!

Post by screenman » September 29th, 2016, 11:10 am

Things are often cheap for a reason, I know of a guy over here that used to pay $300 a day, he would consistently do $1200, I know of another guy who paid $45 a day and did $200. I know which one I would prefer.

A good way I worked out is how many cars would each dolar buy, the cheaper one can often be the most expensive per vehicle that way, also does the area look trust worthy? very important this one.

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