Bottom tabs on door glass installed incorrectly

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Bottom tabs on door glass installed incorrectly

Post by Brent Deines » February 6th, 2009, 9:49 am

I don't do a lot of installing anymore, but my daughter's car got broken into the other day so I replaced the rear door glass in her 96 Nissan Altima. Actually one of my employees installed it, but I ended up getting involved as the part did not fit correctly.

After putting the glass in place Shawn noticed that the tabs on the bottom of the glass did not line up properly with the bolt holes in the regulator. In fact they were about an inch off. The tabs had been pre-installed but were in the wrong location! I had Shawn pull the glass and discovered that not only were the tabs in the wrong location, but that they were of the universal variety and the front tab was longer than the one on the original glass, so even if the tabs had lined up properly the glass would have tilted back and would not have gone up and down in the window channel without binding. This could damage the felt in the channel, the glass, and the regulator.

In the good old days these parts did not come with pre-installed tabs so I never had this problem. We either reused the old tabs or bought new ones from the dealer, but we did not use generic parts. Also I used epoxy to install tempered parts into channels and tabs, and the original parts on this Nissan were installed that way as well, but the part I purchased this time was installed with urethane, rather sloppily I might add.

I could not find another new window that day and could not get the tabs off without risking breaking the glass, so I ended up getting a used part from the wrecking yard. The used part had the right tabs and they were correctly placed so the installation took only a few minutes, but we wasted over an hour screwing around with the new part that we had purchased originally.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Brent Deines
Delta Kits, Inc.

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Re: Bottom tabs on door glass installed incorrectly

Post by hommy0323 » February 9th, 2009, 11:08 pm

yep we have that problem specially with this brand of chinese glass XYG, or FYG if u want a nice temper stay away of thats brand :D from an all star glass employee

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Re: Bottom tabs on door glass installed incorrectly

Post by AGSS » December 13th, 2009, 7:00 am

Common with some of the bad import glass, but i have had it happen on PPPG and Pilkington parts too. Problem is, most of these tabs are epoxyd to the glass. When I run into a situation like this, I normally cut off the tab (s) using my equalizer express, keep the tab real wet while doing this. If you got advanced auto parts, in the help section where the door clips and such are they generally have the replacement door tabs in a pack of 6 differant kinds. select the tab you need and reglue with auto glass windshield urethane. I generally drill a hole in the center of my tabs and let the glue squeeze out..just extra holding strength.

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Re: Bottom tabs on door glass installed incorrectly

Post by simonpegg123 » September 16th, 2019, 3:16 am

Removing the Screen

Open the glass window completely from the interior. You have to be able to get admission to the whole display frame for this method.

Locate the lift tabs at the bottom of the display. They are generally square or square flaps that extend out from the screen's mesh.

Hand-pull the tabs upward to release the lowest of the frame from the window. Tension springs on the pinnacle of the display screen's frame will compress to allow spacing for display removal. Allow the frame to drop downward once it clears the window's bottom assembly. Pull the screen down and away from the window.

Installing the Screen

Slide the new or repaired display screen up into the top of the window frame even as greedy the screen's base.

Grasp the carry tabs. Lift the display upward with the carry tabs to compress the tension springs.

Maneuver the display's base with the elevate tabs into the window's body. Release the upward motion on the lift tabs. Allow the display screen's body to gently drop down into the window's body.

Visually look at the body's role in the window. Slide the frame slightly from side to side to middle it in the window's beginning, if essential. There have to be no massive openings for pest infiltration.

Some screens are geared up with plunger pins rather than raise tabs. In those instances, actually press the pins into the frame together with your hands as you raise the screen out of the window. The removal and substitute method are essentially the identical for each the tabs and plunger pins by Delta Car Wreckers.

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